Here is a list of things I get asked all the time, if your question isnt there, give me a call or email to discuss.

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Do I get a matching email address with my website?

You surely do, with each website and hosting plan, I create you your own personal email addresses ie

Can I edit the website myself??

If that’s what you are after, we can definitely provide that for you. I create your content managed system using some amazing open source code. It allows me to build extremely cost effective websites, and give you the freedom to do things like edit your text and add photos. When we get into the pricing stage of your site, I also quote on creating you a site specific guide to editing your website. It’s always best to take this option so you don’t have to repay me to fix your site after you have broken it.

Do I have to pay a monthly/yearly charge for my website?

In short…NO! Once I have your website built and live on the internet, the only on going costs are your yearly domain hosting charges and domain name. I support a local company for hosting, theres nothing better than a local company using another local company rather than heading offshore. The only extra charges you will incur is if you want me to change/update things on your website after the build is completed.

Do you have a website care plan?

I know I said no monthly or yearly charges, but I seriously recommend this for the health of your website. For $30+gst per month I provide software & plugin upgrades, security scans & updates, monthly website backups and real time monitoring of your website.

I need a shopping cart on my site, can you do that?

I use an amazing shopping cart that lets you add in your products, keep control of your stock quantities – it even emails you when you are low in stock, it sends progress emails to your clients throughout the stages of the order, from payment to processed and sent, and it can do so much more!!!

How much will my web hosting cost??

This is a variable price, give me a call or email to discuss your needs for your website, and I can let you know which hosting bracket your website will be in and the costs involved

How much will my website cost??

Websites start at $850+gst for a basic 2 page website, each website is custom priced according to your needs, contact me for your obligation free quote.

How will people find me on the internet??

With SEO (search engine optimisation), we will work with you to make sure your website content and code gives search engines like Google the best chances of finding you

What kind of domain/website name can I have??

You can choose your domain name, you generally go for your business name, just tell me what you want and I will see if its available, and if it isn’t I will help you come up with a name that works just as well.

Can you take care of it ALL for me??

Yes I can, at an extra cost I can bring in a copy writer who can write all your content for you; if you are needing content regularly updated, I can provide that at a per hourly cost.

I only want a professional looking email address, not a website, can I do this??

Yes you can! is so much more professional looking than or, I set you up on a email hosting plan, and you get a professional look at a low cost.

I want to hire you to build my new website, where do we start??

– First we sit down and work out what you want for your website, and what you want to achieve, we look at who your target market is and what you want to achieve with it, ie. a website that lets people know about your business and what you can offer them through to a fully functioning eCommerce website allowing customers to make purchases online from you.
– Next we look at what marketing content you currently have that you can incorporate into your site, if you dont have any written content, together we look at ways to create that.
– If you have ideas on how you would like your site to look, feel free to send through examples, its great to nut out the look at the pre-build stage.
– We want to have at least 80% of the content and images sorted before we build so we can design the best site possible for you
– I dont have any photos I can use on my website  I hear you  cry – thats ok, you can either hire me or someone else to shoot what you need, or we can look at stock photos for your website, these both come at an additional price.

I need my website updated ASAP, how long will it take you to do it??

If its just a small change, email me through what you want changed -or added and it will be done the same working day, if the changes are a bit more complex I will give you a time estimate and put you at the top of my job list.

I need a website I can sell things from...whats this eCommerce buzz??

An eCommerce / shopping cart website allows your customers to buy your products from the comfort of their own home…or if they are being naughty and using the internet at work to shop. Whether you have a store in town or only wanting an online business, its a great way to get your products out there!

I really want a ball park figure on what a website will cost, can you give me this??

Yes and No, all of my websites are custom built and each business has different needs,  when you call or email, give me a bit more info ie. how many pages, shopping cart a bit of a run down and I can sort a price for you.

For a ball park figure check out the pricing here

Are payment plans available??

ABSOLUTELY – Payment plans will be made on an individual basis.

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