What should I wear to my session?

My main suggestions are to avoid red, patterns that may clash or date, large slogans/logos across tees.
Apart from that…wear what you are comfortable with.
Think about the end result…do you want your images to be more formal with dresses for the girls and shirts for the boys, or something a bit more casual with jeans and tees for the whole family.

You can co-ordinate and compliment each others outfits rather than being matchy matchy

Think about the primary reason you are doing the session and dress accordingly. For example if you want a large canvas in the lounge, think about coordinating with the colours and feel of your décor. For the framed prints I hung in my lounge, I wanted our colouring to be neutral with a few colour pops, so we are wearing jeans and tees with a few colour pops like my red boots  and hubby’s mint green tee at the beach. Looks fab with my shabby chic vintagey villa walls.

If you are wanting studio shots on a white background, please dont wear white or we will lose you in the photo, likewise with black clothing and dark backgrounds, and the same goes again if we are out in the forest and you all wear green.

And if in doubt and you aren’t sure, bring a couple of changes of clothes

What should I do before the shoot?


    • Please make sure that all fingernails and toenails are clean and well-manicured ( both ladies and gents). You will end up regretting that    chipped hot pink nailpolish you applied 2 weeks ago.
    • If you need haircuts or colouring, please try to get your haircuts and coloring done at least a week before your photo shoot.  The day of your shoot will be so much nicer if you don’t have hair disasters to deal with!
    • Proper Undergarments:It all starts with foundations ladies. Proper support for your “assets” will make you feel more confident in your photos!  Try on your selected outfit before the shoot and check your beautiful self out in the mirror to ensure that straps and panty lines aren’t visible.
  • Make-up:Even if you don’t normally wear make-up, it can make a huge difference in your photographs.  If you don’t feel comfortable doing your own make-up, I have a few makeup artists that I can recommend – let me know and I’ll pass on their phone numbers!For little girls, a little bit of sheer lip gloss makes a world of difference, and it makes them feel pretty special (I know my little girl does)Make sure you have your lipstick or gloss on hand for touch-ups during your shoot.A matt powder can do wonders with reducing shiney spots on your face also.
  • Bribes – I don’t supply bribes for children, as some parents aren’t happy with them, if you are ok with it and you think you may need them, please hide away some lollies/treats in case you need them.

Where do we go for our shoot?

Wherever you want, you can choose studio shots in my home studio or there are loads of great places around! It really depends on what style of images you’re after. We could head to the beach,  the lake, a park? Concrete walls around town always look fab, or we could shoot on your own property. We could even do a combination of locations. Wherever we go, we want you all to be relaxed and happy, because when you’re having fun the photos always look great.

How long til we get our photos??

  • You will receive your disk of photos after 2-3 weeks depending on workload. I do try to get them to you as soon as I possibly can. Generally within 24hours of the shoot I pop up a sneak peak of your images on facebook and the blog. Please let us know if you don’t want this to happen.

Above all, your photo shoot is about you and your family.  You should be relaxed, happy and comfortable in whatever you choose to wear.  Family photographs are not about being formal and perfect; they are about capturing the memories and experiences that make your family special.  So relax, have fun and be yourself.  You will look amazing!

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